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How To Colour Candle Wax Naturally

How To Colour Candle Wax Naturally

Candles can be colored using pigment or dyes, but to naturally color candles you. Adding spices to the hot wax will not only produce different colors but will .
You can then add this colored wax to your candle mixture to provide a natural tint. You'll need to experiment with different herbs to get the desired colors.

Instructions for making natural soy wax candles including a video.. In the fall nothing is better than harvest colors and fragrances. Soy wax requires more dye to .
We offer a full line of natural candle waxes, including soy waxes from Ecosoya®, Golden Wax®, and Cargill's NatureWax®; palm wax products for pillars and .
When you purchase candle wax, it is unscented and uncolored.. Making natural colored candles is an economical way to enjoy this hobby because you're .
Food color is water based and candles are oil based – they are incompatible and. Typically, our dye blocks color 16 – 20 pounds of wax to a medium shade, .

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