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How To Make A House Entrance In Growtopia

How To Make A House Entrance In Growtopia

House Entrance is a splicable gate block. Trivia A glitch used to occur when if an admin locked a House Entrance when a player was inside, the player would .
Hi guys in this video ill be teaching you how to make a house entrance 1.splice rock and lava seed to get glass.

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to make dungeon door seeds just spliced window seed and door seed.to make house entrance dungeon door.
This mass good for starter Supplies:50 window and 100 door seed Recipe: Window seed+door seeddungeon.
Growtopia:How To Make House Entrance 1.You Need Two Seeds(Dungeon Door Seed And Door Seed) 2.
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video recorder: www.bandicam.com this video is for who dont know how to make house entrance i hope you.

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