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How To Play Play Nine The Card Game Of Golf

How To Play Play Nine The Card Game Of Golf

TM o. Play Nine. Card Game for 2 to 6 players/Ages 8 and up. Match wits and win! Each hand is a hole. Each turn is a shot. Object is to shoot the lowest score.
Play Nine is the new card game of golf designed for 2 – 6 players, ages 8 to adult. The object is to shoot the lowest score. After nine holes, the lowest score wins. Card values range from -5 (hole-in-one) to 12 (out of bounds).

Golfers and non-golfers alike enjoy Play Nine â„¢. The combination of strategy and luck-of-the-draw keeps the fun and challenge alive down to the last hole.
You can combine multiple decks of cards (provided they have the same back) to play with more players. Play time: About 20 min. The game is .
Play Nine the golfing card game is the perfect activity for those rainy camping days. You don't have to be a golfer to enjoy this card game, both young and old .
Fun card game for adults and kids about 8 and over. Easy to learn and combines some strategy with a lot of luck. Small box, so it is easy to take along for family .

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