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Postage Stamp Collection Buyers

Postage Stamp Collection Buyers

When selling stamps you must remember that unless you sell to another collector or through auction, you will only obtain a wholesale price from a stamp dealer, since he must resell the collection at a profit or keep it in inventory until it is sold.
Dennis R. Abel Stamps for Collectors LLC, a stamp dealer since 1972, has assisted thousands of collectors to enjoy the many benefits and rewards of our hobby .

Nick s Stamps- Buying United States and International Postage Stamp Collections.
Buying and Selling U.S. and worldwide postage stamps for stamp collectors.. That's why I'm proud to have Mark Morrow as Mystic's head stamp buyer. Mark is  .
Buying Quality Stamp Collections with honesty and integrity.. hobbies, but has also replaced most people's need for postage stamps to mail letters & packages.
Collections of postal history; Better First Day Cover collections; Many picture postcard. We've also (in our younger days) bought 13 tons of stamps on paper.
Trust Apfelbaum, Inc.'s reputation of great customer service, experience & expertise for the advice and sale of your stamp collection. Contact us today!
When you go to sell the collection, don't be surprised if you are offered only 10-20 %. Get the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog, available in many public libraries.

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